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Photograph Permission Form The use of photographs is an important developmental tool which is widely used in play and educational settings for recording, sharing and displaying activities that your children have undertaken. At So He Cares School we take the issue of child protection very seriously, and we would never knowingly publish an image of your child without your consent. As the Parent or Carer of the child named below, I grant permission for images of my son or daughter to be used for the following purposes:(please tick for consent)
I understand that personal details or names of any child in a photograph will never be given in such a way that would allow them to be individually identified.I understand that this image will NOT be used for anything which may be viewed as negative in tone or that may cause offence, embarrassment or distress for the child or their parent or carer.I understand that there will be no payment for my child’s participation.RELEASE AND PICK UP AUTHORIZATION INTRODUCTION The purpose of this document is to introduce ourselves to the School on the authorized responsibility regarding picking up your Child/Children.So He Cares is an Ofsted Registered After School in the Havering Borough. Our duty is to pick up our Children and transport them for our After-School Activities.
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