Music@SPARK 4th and 5th Grade Ensemble information
Please answer the following questions. Also, please understand that once signed up for an Ensemble (Band, Orchestra, Chorus/AC) your child will be expected to really practice and stick with the ensemble for the duration of their time at SPARK. It generally takes a couple of years of effort to see if a particular instrument or if a Chorus is the best choice for a student. A note and/or conference with parent is required for a child to be removed from any SPARK singing ensemble; however, students may join at any time.

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The two major reasons kids may not sign up for Chorus: #1 "I can't sing." #2 "I have stage fright." Chorus can help people overcome both of those things. Please encourage your child to try Chorus or AC. Don't give up on singing until you've really tried!!! 1. Advanced Chorus (meets during Music Making Wednesday rehearsal and after school on Fridays) These students are automatically part of Chorus as well. 2. Chorus Performer--Attends Music Making Wednesday during-school Chorus rehearsals, completes all Music classwork and responsibilities AND attends performances in December and May (other concerts by invitation or interest) 3. Chorus Non-Performer--Attends Music Making Wednesdays and completes all Music classwork and responsibilities but is not expected to perform. 4. GCMC New this year! 4th and 5th Grade Students from all Grady Cluster Elementary Schools are invited to participate at Hope-Hill every Thursday from 3:30-5:30pm. We will sing, move, do bucket drumming, xylophones, etc. It'll be a fun time! Carpooling is encouraged!
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Do YOU or another family member have a special talent you would like to offer to support the Band, Orchestra, Chorus, or General Music programs?
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