Is self-heating a reliability concern: a survey
Some suggest that self-heating is an important performance/reliability concern for modern MOSFETs.
For self-heating analysis, what type of measured data do you use?
What is the most important contributor to self-heating
What type of modeling do you think would be most useful to estimate self-heating for reliability
IC reliability may be affected by self-heating of the transistors
Many groups are exploring new channel materials (e.g. Ge). Self-heating in these technologies will be
IC applications now involve always on devices, such as Amazon echo, google Home, etc. For these applications, self-heating issues will be
I learn about self-heating issues primarily from
Do you feel that the effect of self-heating on transistor reliability is now
Which reliability mechanism is most affected by self-heating
If I could learn one thing about self-heating, it would be
Given my background, I could teach someone about
What future research into self-heating would you like to see ? What topic would you emphasize?
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