FCHS Online Learning (OLL) Withdrawal Request
We understand that circumstances change rapidly during this time, and you may have decided that it was best to send your student(s) for face-to-face learning on school campus. Please list all students you would like to withdraw from online learning. By completing this form, we will withdraw your student(s) from the online learning platform, and he/she/they will be re-assigned for face-to-face instruction. Your child is expected to be in attendance for face-to-face instruction at his or her home school the day after you complete this withdrawal request.

Please complete one form per FCHS student.
Student's Last Name *
Student's First Name *
Student's Grade Level *
I wish to remove the student(s) listed above from online learning (OLL) registration. Student(s) will be reporting to face-to-face school. (Please type your name.) *
By giving my electronic signature below, I verify that I understand that my student's current grade(s) will transfer with him/her from Virtual Online Instruction to the classroom. Any work not complete will receive a zero. I also acknowledge that September 9, 2020 was the midterm for the first grading period. From this point forward, any student who leaves OLL and returns to on-campus instruction, will be complete core academic course work online in an online classroom on campus. Elective courses will be scheduled with face-to-face instruction on a case-by-case basis. In addition, students will have access to face-to-face tutoring during FLEX time. *
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