2018-2019 CPE Tutor Application
This form is for people who have never been selected as CPE tutors before. If you have tutored with us in the past, or have been selected but were not able to tutor, please fill out this availability form instead: https://goo.gl/forms/M6jg5pQE8w3EdkwG2

Tutors travel to the prison for one three-hour study hall session each week. During this time, tutors meet individually with students about their coursework and provide academic support as needed. The ideal candidate has teaching or tutoring experience, and has completed advanced academic work.

If you are interested in being a tutor, you should be prepared to commit to a 5-hour block of time one day/week (factoring in the time it takes to travel to prison). Study halls take place from 8-11am, 11am-2:30pm, and 5-8pm on various days. The expectation is that you attend your shift on time every week, except during school breaks or finals and in the case of illness, emergency or rare special circumstances, which should be communicated to a CPE staffperson beforehand.

We invite prospective tutors from all academic backgrounds to apply. If you are interested in being a writing tutor (a tutor for a humanities class rather than a STEM class), in addition to completing this application, please submit a graded sample of your own writing, as well as a marked up copy of one of our sample papers (https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BwA3z2xoClp6R2lEYWhud3RGT1U) by email to cpefellow@wesleyan.edu.

Applications are due Saturday, April 28th. By this time we hope that you will have completed pre-registration and thus have a good idea of your schedule for the fall semester. You should expect to hear back from us by the second week of May.

All selected tutors will need to attend a mandatory meeting during the second or third week of May. Selected tutors will also need to come back to campus early for orientations at the prison and on campus (we can arrange an early move-in for you).

If you are planning to go abroad in the fall, but are interested in tutoring, you should apply and submit all paperwork now. Please plan to get back in touch with cpefellow@wesleyan.edu in November, when registering for spring classes, and be prepared to come back early in January for orientations.

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