This is the Roaming Re-loadable PREPAID SIM Card available for FREE!! Delivery anywhere in the Philippines.
The SIM Is PLUG and PLAY and ready to use. Philippines included in the coverage so you can start using it before your flight.
SIM Card expiry date is about 1 Year , You can order the SIM even weeks or months prior to Travel or join on your next Vessel assignment.
For Seafarer - We can also deliver the SIM Card to your Ship-Manager.
For Seafarer , we can process the delivery thru other joining crew in your Vessel. Payment can be made when the returning crew back in the Philippines.
For Additional TOP-UP , please see below details.
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For immediate attention of your order.Please send a message in our Facebook : Shore-Access Marine
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For delivery to shipping agency
Please send the details of Shipping Manger ( Contact Number), Our staff can will deliver the SIM to your agencies.
Name of Shipping agencies ( For Seafarer's)
Address of Shipping Agencies
Provide the complete address of Shipping agency and contact person in case delivery thru your agency.
Intended date to receive the SIM Card *
Payment receipt
In case you have done the payment, you can upload the Payment Receipt here. alternatively you can send the receipt by Email to : or or in our Facebook messenger at : Shore-Access marine
Where you can pay:
METHOD 1 : Express PADALA Receiver ( VIA Palawan Express, LBC , Cebuana and others)


METHOD 2 : BANK Remittance:
BANK :Bank of the Philippine Island
BENEFIICIARY :Arturo S. Canoza Jr
ACCOUNT NO. 06-4920-6481
TYPE :Savings
MOBILE NO:+63-933-862-7632

BENDFICIARY :Arturo S. Canoza Jr.
ACCOUNTNO: 0003-4024-0865
TYPE Savings


send your payment :
Or ( Just Enter the amount to be paid)

METHOD 4 : CASH ON DELIVERY: This is applicable only for Client in Metro Manila

NOTE: Please send the Proof of payment in our Facebook or email

1. Delivery will process once proof of payment is receipt.
2. The SIM card's is ready to use , you can even activate while in the Philippines prior to your flight
3. The SIM is Re-loadable by just buying additional TOP-UP.
4. Delivery in Manila normally 1 to 2 days ( same day might be possible depends on location and 2-3 days to province.
5. We can also Drop your order to your Shipping Manager.
6. This SIM Card is Reloadable by just purchasing additional TOP-UP.
7. This SIM is valid has long expiry date about 1 Year . You can purchase several SIM Cards during your travel.

Please do not hesitate to contact SHOREACCESS Team for any inquiry:
Mobile : +63-955-210-1132 / +63-933-862-7632 / +63-916-7731-572
Faceboo: Shore-Access Marine.

ASIA/Australia SIM Coverage + 18 Countries
Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Laos, India, Taiwan, Macau, Philippines, Cambodia,Myanmar, Australia, Nepal , Indonesia, Qatar, Sri Lanka ,China (including Tibet) NEW!
Global coverage + 72 Countries
1. Vietnam 2. Latvia 3. Lithuania 4. Sri Lanka 5. Croatia 6. Colombia 7. Serbia 8. Denmark 9. Bulgaria 10. Macedonia 11. Mexico 12. Liechtenstein 13. Slovenia 14. Argentina 15. Israel 16. Estonia 17. Greece 18. Cambodia 19. Qatar 20. South Korea 21. Canada 22. San Marino 23. Japan 24. Turkey 25. Taiwan 26. Norway 27. New Zealand28. Netherlands 29. Nepal 30. Belgium 31. Puerto Rico 32. Poland 33. Portugal 34. France 35. Myanmar 36. Finland 37. Philippines 38. Macau 39. Malaysia 40. Germany 41. Russia42. Laos 43. Vatican City 44. Wales 45. Scotland 46. Spain 47. Svalbard and Jan Mayen 48. Switzerland 49. Sweden 50. United State of America (Include Hawaii) 51. Czech Republic 52. Singapore 53. United States Virgin Islands 54. Åland Islands 55. Australia 56. Austria 57. England 58. Italy 59. India 60. Indonesia 61. South Africa 62. Oman 63. Ireland 64. North Ireland 65. Hong Kong 66. Hungary 67. Kuwait NEW! 68. Pakistan NEW! 69. Egypt NEW! 70. Iceland NEW! 71. China (including Tibet) NEW! 72. Brunei NEW!
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