Advanced INCLUSIVE Certificate Reflection
Each certificate (introductory and advanced) requires an assessment to acknowledge your accomplishment. Each assessment has 4 questions that are focused on self-reflection and how you applied what you have learned. Each response to questions 2-4 should be about 100 words.
The Advanced INCLUSIVE certificate demonstrates sustained commitment to diversity and inclusion at CSUF. Meeting these requirements for the Advanced certificate means that you have over 25 hours of training and interaction on human diversity.
Please list the INCLUSIVE courses you have taken-
You can print your transcript to see which courses you have completed:
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Since completing your basic INCLUSIVE certificate, how have you become more inclusive to the full range of human diversity in your role at CSUF?
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How would you assess your own personal growth and change from your first INCLUSIVE courses to your last (consider what you have worked on or through, and where your current human diversity growth edges are)?
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Highlight 3 specific ways that your teaching has been impacted by the teaching and training from your INCLUSIVE courses.
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