Welcome to Covesting bounty campaign.

Covesting allocates 4% of tokens sold for bounty pool.
10% of the bounty pool to be allocated to Facebook campaign.

Participation Terms:

- Have at least 200 friends
- Don’t forget to make your privacy settings open
- Follow official Covesting Facebook:
- Like and share at least 2 of Covesting’s posts every week using hashtags #Covesting #CovestingICO
- Make 5 posts in other groups in a week with hashtag #Covesting #CovestingICO

The bounty campaign will last till the end of the ICO. In order to receive the bonus, you must participate till the end of the campaign. If you did not join, hit Like or did not share posts during even one week, or you unfollowed Covesting official Facebook page, then your account is not eligible for reward.

The list of participants is being updated and analyzed once per week. Each accepted campaign member is to receive the reward in Covesting tokens. All bounty rewards shall be paid 2 weeks after ICO is over.

The current status of bounty campaign can be monitored here:

Please note that the maximum number of Facebook bounty participants is 2000!
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