LCA Member Survey - June 2020
We want to hear from you about your LCA membership experiences and ideas.
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Email - no cost to LCA
US Mail - about 85 cents per letter
Post on LCA website
LCA Board Facebook Page
"Official Section 2" Facebook Page (private)
"Nextdoor" website (private)
Other suggestion - describe in next question
Additional thoughts or ideas on your preferred method of LCA communications
Do you currently volunteer for any Leilani Community Association activities? Describe how.
In the past, how have you volunteered for the Leilani Community Association?
Please indicate community and volunteer opportunities that interest you
Do any CC&R violations currently exist near your home ?
Which CC&R violations are most concerning to you?
Which of the CC&Rs have the biggest impact on the safety and security of the community?
Which CC&Rs have the biggest impact on the aesthetics of the community?
Name one or two desired changes, right on your street, that would make things better for you and your neighbors.
Are you in favor of the County reopening the entire lava-covered section of Leilani Avenue to Pohoiki Road?
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Your comments on the re-opening of Leilani Avenue
Do you support commercial tourism in the LCA community?
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If yes to tourism, why? - and describe how you see it
If no to tourism explain why
Are you favor of installing gates on any of the streets owned and maintained by the LCA?
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If yes, where should gates be installed?
What additional questions should be included in future LCA surveys? Add any other comments here as well. Thank you for participating.
If you have additional comments, ideas or feedback for the LCA 2020 Survey Team please send an email to
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