Recital 2023 Celestial Commitment
On May 13th we will be having our Spring Recital titled Celestial, for all of our dancers. Participation is not required but very highly encouraged as this the finale and final Performance for the year.

Costume – We will be contacting each class individually.

Cost - Our Recital Package is $175 - this includes one costume, 2 tickets, and one commemorative tee. Additional costumes will be purchased individually with the second costume cost starting at $75. Additional tickets will be available for purchase $15 pre-sale and $20 at the door.  You will be emailed directly with your individual recital total. ALL RECITAL FEES ARE FINAL AND NON-REFUNDABLE 

Date(s) -
Friday May 5th we will be having a dress rehearsal on stage - each class will be given a time slot
Saturday May 13th is Show Day!

Where – Windsor High School  - 1100 Main Street, Windsor, CO 80550

When – Dancers will arrive at and check-in at 12:30 pm with the performance starting at 1:00 pm

Who – All TDD dancers are encouraged to participate.

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Dancer(s) Full Name and Class(es) *
My Dancer(s) will be Participating in Recital 2023 *
I recognize there are additional costs associated with Recital and I agree to pay these costs for my dancer to participate. *
What Size T-shirt does you dancer wear, sizes are youth and adult unisex *
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I understand that if I am enrolled in autopay my recital payments will be charged automatically per the given answer given above. *
I recognize that my dancer will need to arrive at Windsor High School on Friday May 5th, 15 minutes prior to their allotted time slot in the auditorium with costume, hair, shoes, and make-up ready. I understand that rehearsal on stage is the best way to prepare my dancer for a successful recital and helps to calm their nerves. I understand that dress rehearsal is not their performance. *
I recognize that my dancer will need to arrive at 12:30pm on May 13th at Windsor High school and will be dropped off at the allotted check-in, with hair, make-up, costume, and shoes. *
Attendees are expected to adhere to performance etiquette and agree to be respectful during the length of the show and throughout intermission. Clapping is encouraged after each piece but please maintain decorum while a dance is performing on stage. Filming is prohibited.  You will be able to purchase a video from our videographer, prior to the show or after. You may NOT use any type of flash photography as this can be distracting and frightening.  We also ask that you please tag us in your social media posts, and please be respectful to other families and only post pictures of your dancer unless you have obtained permission from the other families.  By submitting this form, you are agreeing to adhere to these rules as well as our Dance Department policies. Please reach out to us if you have not yet reviewed our policies. *
All dancers older than 2 will be held backstage for safety during the show with background checked staff supervision. They will take a final bow at the conclusion of the show and will be released in an organized manner to ONE parent. Dancers may not leave during the show or at intermission. Individual extenuating circumstances may be brought to the attention of a director. *
Calling all Dads, Moms, Parental Figures, Aunts, Uncles, Siblings older than 18. TDD dancers 3 and older are invited to join our "Dance with your Dancer Dance", where they and their older partner will learn simple and fun choreography to perform together in our recital.  All participants will be required to sign our liability form, are expected to adhere to general classroom rules and attend BOTH MANDATORY REHEARSAL DATES, AS WELL AS DRESS REHEARSAL, and RECITAL. There will be an additional fee for participation. The additional cost will be added into your recital bundle.  $35.00 per pair.  This covers the cost of rehearsals, and each participant will get a special t-shirt to wear in recital. If two siblings wish to dance with one partner, the participation fee will be $50.00.  Rehearsal dates are April 29th & May 6 at Anytime Fitness, from 11:35-12:35pm.  *
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