100 Meiobenthology Papers
So why am I doing this? Firstly, last year I downloaded a paper, "100 articles every ecologist should read" by Courchamp & Bradshaw (2018). Then this year the pandemic arrived and I ended up stuck in the house under quarantine. So I thought I've got time on my hands, I'll read them all, and I've been making steady progress. Secondly, this semester I'm teaching a course on meiobenthology to the undergraduate students on the marine biology program at the Universidad de Los Lagos in southern Chile. In preparing the course I've been trying to figure out which papers they should read. So I thought I'd ask the community and get a consensus view. I'm not looking to rank papers, this is not a popularity contest. The objective is to generate a list of papers someone should read to get a good grounding in meiobenthology. If I get a good response I'll publish the results, but at the very least I'll put the list online.
Matt Lee

Courchamp, F. & Bradshaw, C. J. A. (2018) 100 articles every ecologist should read. Nature Ecology & Evolution, 2: 395-401. doi: 10.1038/s41559-017-0370-9
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Section 1
Please use the 10 boxes below to list 10 papers about or related to meiobenthology you think every researcher should read. The papers can be about ecology, taxonomy, metazoan meiofauna, protozoa, sedimentology, biogeochemistry, methodologies or anything else you think is relevant.
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Please use the format: Authors, Year, Title, Journal, Volume, Pages/e-identifier (include the doi if there is one)
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