Share the Success: School District Panel Presentations
NOVEMBER 17-19, 2017

Success stories of local school districts have long been a strong draw at the IASB/IASA/IASBO Joint Annual Conference. School board members, along with their administrators, from every division come to learn and benefit from the practical experiences the Share the Success panel presentations provide.

A select number of school districts will be chosen to make panel presentations. These 60-minute panel sessions — presented by the board members and administrators along with other school or community members who were involved in the particular programs showcased — are based on actual school system experiences.

Presenters give insight and practical information on how to solve common problems. They share discoveries and innovations from programs succeeding in their school districts. They give tips on how school boards can achieve such successes in their own school districts.

A committee of IASB members will evaluate all proposals received. Invitations will be issued to the districts recommended by those evaluators.

IASB reserves a time period and meeting room and provides publicity and audiovisual equipment for each presentation, while the school district agrees to follow the rules listed below and commits to presenting a panel as described by the proposal submitted. IASB has a process to determine the scheduling and placement of panels; therefore, assigned times and rooms are final. Please do not submit a proposal unless your district is fully prepared to make that commitment and to present at the IASB/IASA/IASBO Joint Annual Conference, November 17-19, 2017 in Chicago.

Districts that are not selected for a Share the Success presentation may be offered an opportunity to present at the Carousel of Panels on Saturday afternoon, November 18. The Carousel is designed to allow districts an opportunity to make three 30-minute presentations on their topic, allowing participants to obtain a wide variety of information in minimal time.

The purpose of Share the Success panels is to highlight success stories showcasing actual school system experiences. Presenters share insight and practical information on how to solve common problems. They share discoveries and innovations from programs succeeding in their districts. Therefore, each proposal submitted for the Share the Success panel presentation will be evaluated using the following points of consideration:

• Topic is interesting and relevant to today’s school board members.
• Presentation focuses on board level work rather than staff work.
• Creativity and innovation are demonstrated in the approach taken.
• Proposal provides specific information rather than vague generalities.
• Program’s claim to “success” is supported by evidence.
• This school district’s experience can be replicated by other school districts.
• Proposal is concise, clearly written, and understandable.
• Proposal presents a clear picture of the panel presentation.

Proposals must be fully completed and school districts agree to the following:
1. Agree to proposal rules/conditions (check box at the end of the this section)
2. No more than four presenter names will be published in the Conference booklet. School boards are advised to follow the Open Meetings Act (OMA) in regard to the number of board members participating in a panel presentation.
3. Presenting school districts must agree to submit any name(s) of attorney(s) who will be presenting with the district. The attorney(s) will be included in the maximum allotment of 4 presenters per panel.
4. Presenting school districts agree not to utilize commercial vendors or their representatives in their presentations.
5. Presentations should be planned for 60 minutes, including at least 10 minutes for questions and answers.
6. All proposals must use materials and language that do not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, color, ethnicity, religion, physical ability, or sexual orientation.
7. By agreeing to present at the 2017 Joint Annual Conference, IASB assumes that you own the needed intellectual property rights to your presentation’s content (including written materials) and/or have obtained all needed permissions to utilize the course’s content (including written materials) and grant permission to reprint the material from your presentation. If you do not own such rights and/or have not obtained the needed permissions, please take all necessary action prior to submitting your presentation to IASB.
8. Presenting school districts agree to submit handouts electronically by November 3, 2017 to IASB to be placed on the IASB website prior to Conference. Districts agree to supply sufficient copies of handout materials for distribution to the audience. Room capacity information will be provided by assigned IASB staff prior to the Conference to assist you in planning for handout printing.
9. A district contact person must be designated. This person must be fully knowledgeable about the program proposed and will be the contact for moderator/presenters for the panel.
10. Districts are limited to no more than three proposals per district.
11. Do not submit or attach supplemental materials (such as audio or videotapes) with this proposal. The proposal must stand on its own.
12. IASB cannot provide lodging or travel expenses for Share the Success or Carousel of Panels participants. Travel and lodging arrangements and expenses of panelists are the responsibility of the submitting school district.
13. Business officials, superintendents, board members, and panelists must register for Conference.
14. Selected panels will receive a standard room set-up consisting of:
• Head table and seating for four panelists.
• Theater-style seating.
• A/V setup consisting of an LCD projector, screen, and podium mic. Additional A/V must be requested on this proposal form. IASB will make the decision to add A/V based upon reasonable requests/room size/estimated attendance, etc.
15. Deadline: Proposals MUST be submitted to the IASB office by 5 p.m., February 10, 2017. Questions: contact Peggy Goone – 217/528-9688, ext. 1103.

Titles and descriptions will be limited to
• Title length: 60 OR FEWER CHARACTERS
• Panel description length: 275 OR FEWER CHARACTERS
Titles and panel descriptions are subject to edits by IASB communications staff for clarity and consistency and to comply with these restrictions and IASB style guidelines.

Proposals must fit into at least one of the topical program tracks.
• Best Practices
• Community Relations and Communications
• Current Issues
• Facilities/Transportation/Technology
• Finance and Funding
• Governance and Leadership
• Governmental Relations
• School Law
• Special interest to Newer Board Members
• Student Learning and Achievement

We understand and agree to the above rules. Should our proposal be accepted, our school district agrees to present as we have proposed and to abide by the rules listed above. Selected panel proposals will agree to submit copies of handouts to be displayed on IASB website. *
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Additional Information and Documentation of Success
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All panel rooms will be provided with standard AV setup consisting of a LCD projector, screen, and podium mic.
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If this proposal is not selected for Share the Success, are you interested in participating in the Carousel of Panels? *
Thank you for your proposal. If you have questions about the submission, please contact Peggy Goone at or 217-528-9688, ext. 1103. Proposals selected for Share the Success presentations will be notified by the end of April 2017.

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