OMDR Volunteer Contact Log
The purposes of this log are to:
- Maintain consistent and informed support for the people we serve
- Elevate the autonomy and privacy of the people we serve
- Create accountability for and between volunteers
- Establish broad patterns of the situations faced by the people we serve to direct organizing and action outside

If you have any questions, or if at any point there is something you wish to communicate to the organizers of OMDR which you feel does not neatly fit into these questions, please let us know by emailing

Thank you for your support.
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What is your name? *
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What is the full name of the person with whom you were in contact? *
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When did the contact occur? *
How did this contact take place? *
What country, region, and city does this person come from? *
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What family does this person have, and where are they? *
If this was not discussed, please write "Unknown." If you or another OMDR member has already recorded this information, please right "See previous entry."
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What is this person's date of birth?
Did the person you were in contact with state the need for any of the following types of assistance?
Commissary Funds *
Further Contact from Volunteers *
Legal Assistance *
Facilitation of Contact with Family *
Attendance at Upcoming Court Date *
Letters of Support for a Court Case *
Translation of Legal Documents *
Facilitating Short-Term Housing and/or Transportation upon Bail or Parole *
Finding a Sponsor *
Unmet Medical Needs (Apart from harsh conditions inside) *
Comfort and Mental State
How would you categorize the overall mood of the person you were in communication with? *
Without Hope
Very Optimistic
What are the main factors negatively affecting the quality of life of the person with whom you were speaking? *
Not Addressed/ Not Urgent
A Frustration
Greatly Affecting Quality of Life
Isolation from Family
Isolation from Others Inside
Isolation from Outside World
Negative Circumstances Faced by Loved Ones
Lack of Legal Support
Lack of Commissary Funds
Uncertainty about the Future
Environmental Concerns (Temperature, Noise, Light)
Access to Facilities
Mistreatment by CCA Employees
Mistreatment by Other People Inside
What are the main factors encouraging this person to maintain hope? *
Please record all other important details from your contact with this person.
For example, if you marked that Contact with Family helps them to maintain hope, please record what you know about their family members.
Your answer
Unless you have received the express written consent of the person you were speaking with, do not share any of the information you learned with anyone outside of the organization. OMDR will only share this information inside the organization for the express purpose of providing effective support to those inside, and not share any of this information outside of the organization without the express written consent of the person inside. Please contact OMDR members if you have any questions about this policy.
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