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There are only 30 places on the next cohort of the next Preferential Me group coaching programme.
The application process helps ensure that you are a good fit for the programme and that we favour applicants who are committed to getting the most they can from the process.
We are excited to work with you.
- Sukh & Dilraj

Application Process:
1. Submit form
2. Attend Q&A call
3. Invitation to enroll

UPDATE: 23 places remaining!
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Performance in All Aspects of Life:
Do you believe that you could be performing better?
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In what way do you believe that you could be performing better?
Can you estimate in percentage terms how much better you could perform?
Would you want to make this level of improvement? If so, why?
Performance at Work:
What percentage of your week (excluding leisure time) do you spend operating at a given level of performance? *
90-100% of time
80-90% of time
70-80% of time
60-70% of time
50-60% of time
40-50% of time
30-40% of time
20-30% of time
10-20% of time
0-10% of time
What is your split of work:non-work time on an average working day?
What is your split of work:non-work time (days) across an average week?
If you do some work on your non-work days, please specify roughly how often and how many hours
Optimising Performance:
If any, how much time do you spend optimising performance? Which activities does this include?
Consider "optimising performance" quite broadly. E.g., planning, process optimisation, meditation, diet/exercise, tracking, journaling, etc.
Do you see a correlation between time spent optimising performance and how you perform?
Please elaborate on any other themes which feel relevant.
If at all, how do you measure your performance?
Are you concerned about burnout? If so, how often do you feel burned out?
If you were able to increase your level of performance by [the level answered in Q3], what would your life look like?
Ponder all of the knock-on effects which would occur from small to large, across daily/weekly/yearly timeframes.
If you were able to increase your level of performance by [the level answered in Q3], how valuable would this be?
This is not a pricing question. Consider the various ways in which value might be added to your life across all domains including work, relationships, health and leisure.
If you saw a process that you were convinced was worth your time and effort because you believe it will deliver, what is the maximum that you would “risk” paying for it?
This is a pricing question! We have already set the price for this programme but for research purposes this is helpful.
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