[Interest Check] FKcaps: unique custom keycap sets
We aim to provide a custom dye sublimation service for keycaps. See https://geekhack.org/index.php?topic=101238.0
What are your favorite keycaps profiles?
Which other stem types than MX would you need?
Which keycaps size(s) are you desperately looking for?
Since all keycaps legends would be customizable, the matter is more about a size/row/profile combination (ie. Cherry R1 1.5u) than "2.u shift key" for instance
Name your favorite designs/designers
This will be used to contact the designers and ask their permissions to use the design to produce custom sets. You could include GBs you may have missed or kits that didn't include the keycaps sizes you needed.
What do you expect from such an online customization service?
Name 3 (or more) things you will be looking forward to (if you are really into it, you may repeat one of the answers above, ie. design X, stem type, ...)
Email address
OPTIONAL! This is only to let you know about our progress and of course won't be shared
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