2016 #MeowsternBias Fundraiser
Hey everyone! This season, we have decided to put the fun of the Beanpot to a good cause. We are hosting a sort of pledge drive for The Gifford Cat Shelter. Basically, you pick some sort of hockey event that could happen over the course of the Beanpot, and you pledge an amount to donate to the shelter every time it happens. Maybe $1 per goal allowed by your rival, or $5 every time your coach cusses out a ref, or $19.88 every time Northeastern does not win the Beanpot. The possibilities are endless, unless you are Northeastern.

Use the form below to let us know what you are pledging. We promise to do our best to stay on top of folks. And to promote this, we will be hosting a live video episode of Eastern Bias from the shelter on January 31st. It will be great and there will be so many cats.

Thank you for your support,
Joe & Shep
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