Getting to know you
Thank you for taking the time to fill out this survey! The Source is trying to better understand the people attending the service – who you are, what your background is, what you like – so that we can become a better and more responsive church going forward.

Every question listed here is both confidential and completely voluntary. We will not ask for your name, just your honest opinions. If there’s something you don’t feel like answering, feel free to skip it.
1. How did you hear about us? (check all that apply)
2. How long have you attended this service?
3. How often do you come to this service?
4. Would you consider this your primary worship service?
5. Did you grow up in church?
6. Favorite thing about The Source?
7. The Source is diverse.
8. I feel culturally represented at The Source
9. I feel connected with other Source-goers
10. I feel connected with Source leadership.
11. Does The Source feel inviting?
11a. If no, why?
Your answer
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