Morning Sign Out Writer Application

Thank you for your interest in joining MSO! Please review the following responsibilities and complete the following application to be considered for a position as an MSO Writer.

Responsibilities include:

- Selecting a topic pertaining to the writer's field (i.e. Research, Health, etc.), and submitting a brief description of research topic on-time for approval

- Researching peer reviewed journals and other reliable sources on a particular topic in preparation for writing an article

- Writing the aforementioned research into articles utilizing plain language, or language that the general public is able to easily understand

- Finding images and captions to accompany said articles and formatting them into Wordpress

- Writing one article per publishing cycle (1.5 to 2 weeks) after both the topic and the visuals have been approved, and posting them to WordPress (note that we give a 1.5 to 1 week break after each cycle to rest our writers)

- Editing the article by collaborating with the editorial staff in preparation for publication.

- Time requirement: approximately 2-3 hrs/wk

Please note that if you would like to work on one of our new areas, mental health, technology, or futurism, please indicate this in your application.

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Which school do you attend?
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Year in School
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What other time commitments do you anticipate having in the next year?
Please include school (number of units, difficulty of classes), jobs, and other activities or responsibilities you may have.
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Why do you want to be a part of MSO?
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Have you ever had difficulties with communication? If so, explain the situation and how it was resolved.
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What experience do you have with writing?
Include any links to your work if possible.
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What would you like to write about or which section would you like to write for?
Feel free to browse through our publishing sections to gain a general idea of what each sections topics are like. You are also free to submit a general area you think you'd like to write about.
Writing Sample
(1) Tourism recently boomed due to a local statue shaped like a slab of bacon,
(2) physical activity of local inhabitants decreased by 13% shortly after a branch of the food chain Clogged Arteries opened up,
(3) the median age of its citizens rose after a city-wide beautification campaign,
(4) the number of town physicians increased in the last twelve months, and
(5) city-wide legislation for a soft drink size limit failed to pass last month.
Write a short article (~10 sentences) about the above fictitious set of events about the town of Fakesberg.
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Is there anything else you would like us to know about you while considering your application?
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