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Genre: Romantic Suspense


Damaged and devastated …
Detective JoElla Tompkins is struggling to make ends meet. After a routine police stop results in her suspension and her reputation destroyed, all she can do is try to keep her head above water. Her only saving grace is to help an old friend on a new—yet perilous—case. But when she meets an EMT in a bar, everything changes.

Destroyed and demoted …
EMT Brandon Fox was living large as chief surgeon at a local hospital. He had the world in the palm of his hands. But, a slew of poor choices lands him out of a job and scrounging for work as a paramedic—a definite downgrade from his surgical days. Encountering the broken detective turns his world around.

Redemption and revival …
As JoElla delves deeper in her case, it's apparent that her life is in danger. Determined to help at any cost, Brandon refuses to let JoElla face the criminals alone. After all, her enemies are closer than she ever imagined. Now, come hell or high water, Brandon must follow his heart and finally get Justice for JoElla.

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