BRVGS Student Application Recommendation 2019-20
Please complete the following information regarding the student that you are recommending to the Blue Ridge Virtual Governor's School. Recommendations are confidential - parents and students do not have access to submitted recommendations.

Please refer to the rubric at for specific look-fors for the recommendation.
To which school district is the student applying? *
What is the student's LAST name *
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Please rate this student on the following qualities. *
4 = "Outstanding" in this quality 3 = "Consistently demonstrates this quality," 2 = "Often or regularly demonstrates this quality," and 1 = "rarely or never demonstrates this quality."
A deep and evident desire to learn
Persistent effort, a strong work ethic and/or creative problem-solving
Ability to analyze and understand information from a variety of sources
Skills for potential success in a rigorous learning experience
If you gave a score of "4" for any of the categories above, please provide a brief description of why you would describe that student as "outstanding."
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