AMS Board of Directors Self-Nomination Form
The following positions will be elected at the May 2018 HOD meeting:

Admin Vice Chair
Senior Vice-Chair
Diversity/Inclusion Chair
Technical Planning Chair - special election

If you or someone you know is interested in running for one of these positions, please complete the following form by March 31, 2018.

Nominations and Elections are now being handled by the Governance Committee. Please direct questions to Christie Newcamp (

Administrative Vice Chair (2 years)
• Conduct meetings in the absence of the General Chair.
• Perform duties of General Chair upon his/her request or in the event of disability of the General Chair.
• Chair and have charge of the business, affairs and property of all personnel and standing committees
under his/her oversight per the By-Laws.
• Aid in the development of policy and the coordination of the activities of all personnel and standing
committees under his/her oversight per the By-Laws.
• Responsible for creation and maintenance of AMS's Rules & Procedures Manual.
• Direct responsibility for Awards Program, By-Laws, Board Orientation Manual/Handbook, Insurance, Legal
Matters, Legislation, LEAP, and Volunteer Recognition.
• Track and maintain a list of all AMS volunteers and oversee their annual recognition.
• Co-Administrator (with Treasurer) of Permanent Office personnel and member of Personnel Committee.
• Direct responsibility for publication of Annual Swimguide, and bi-annual LSC newsletter.

Senior Vice-Chair (2 years)
• Chair and have charge of the affairs and property of the standing committee that develops and conducts
the senior swimming program, including development of long-range plans for swimming programs.
• Serve as liaison to Athlete Representatives and Athlete Committee
• Assure that the Athlete Representative Elections are held in accordance with AMS By-Laws.
• Implement Travel Funding Policy for Athletes attending select meets.
• Develop, implement, and oversee camps and clinics in collaboration with Age Group Vice-Chair and
Coaches Representative.
• Develop, implement, and oversee Open Water meet opportunities in collaboration with Age Group Vice-
Chair and Coaches Representative.
• Shall have direct responsibility for the AMS Academic All-American program.
• Shall be tasked as Meet Director for the AMS Senior Circuit Meet
• Shall possess collaborative responsibility (with Age Group Vice -Chair, Technical Planning Chair and
Coaches Representative) for SC and LC Season Meet Schedules and the general conduct and items
associated with Meets.

Treasurer (2 years)
• Chief Financial Officer of AMS who chairs and has charge of the affairs and property of the Standing
Committee that includes the Treasury function, the development and implementation of an investment
program, and the development and implementation of a marketing and fund-raising plan.
• Prepare an Annual Budget and present for approval by BOD and HOD.
• Cause to be conducted the annual audit and cause the Finance Committee to review and recommend
acceptance and appropriate action.
• Responsible for the system of internal financial and accounting control.
• Issue monthly report listing current budget variances by line item, all receipts, all expenditures, and the
current fund and account balances for the preceding month and for the fiscal year to date.
• Have charge of and supervision over and be responsible for the funds, moneys, securities and other
financial instruments of AMS, appropriately depositing all funds to AMS, segregating and accounting for
special funds, obtaining and preserving vouchers for all money disbursed, safekeeping all books of
account and other financial transactions.
• Cause the preparation and timely filing of all required federal, state, and local tax reports.
• Forward to the Secretary and the Permanent Office a copy of the annual financial statement and audit
report and 990 for submission to BOD and USA Swimming.
• Co-Supervisor (with Administrative Vice-Chair) of Permanent Office personnel. Oversee all financial and
accounting duties and responsibilities performed by Permanent Office personnel.
• Member of the Personnel Committee.

Diversity/Inclusion Chair:(2 years)
The Diversity/Inclusion Chair shall chair and have charge of the business, affairs, and property of the Diversity/Inclusion Committee, which is responsible for helping to promote,include, and get various groups involved. These groups include but are not limited to socially,economically, physically, mentally, and emotionally diverse groups.

Technical Planning Chair: (special election - 1 year)
-Chair and have charge of the affairs and property of the standing committee which is responsible for long-range planning regarding the swimming programs conducted by AMS.
-Direct responsibility for Reportable Times, Records/Top 10, Time Standards, and Meet Management (Sanctions & Meet Announcements, Meet Files, Sponsorship, and Meet Evaluation) including the timely and accurate posting of Meet information on the AMS website and/or distribution of materials to clubs.
-Where issues arise in advance of meets, collaborate with the necessary Committee Chairs (Age Group, Senior, Coaches, Officials), affected Meet Host staff, and others as necessary to promptly and fully resolve the issue(s).
-Shall possess collaborative responsibility (with Age Group Vice-Chair, Senior Vice-Chair, and Coaches Representative) of SC and LC Season Meet Schedule.

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