Devcon VI Supporter Application
This year, we’re trying something new by finding new ways to support Ethereum-related public goods in lieu of a traditional Sponsorship program.

Through this year's Supporter Program, aligned teams will have the opportunity to contribute toward Ethereum-related public goods to grow the Ethereum ecosystem, and further technologies that help us move forward together.

As a thank you, we’ll be allocating Supporter Tickets to Devcon VI to those who give back to the community by supporting public goods that benefit Ethereum.

If you’re building applications or infrastructure that benefits Ethereum and you’re interested in participating or learning more, sign up below, and we'll be in touch with more information.

All entities are subject to a review prior to participating in the Devcon Supporter round, and participation in this program is not guaranteed.

***All collected data through this form will be used to verify your identity at Devcon, and to contact you regarding Devcon events. Only the organizing team of Devcon will have access to the data - the data will not be shared with any third party.***
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