Observer and Intern Application
We have many different observer or intern positions. This application will help us understand what you're looking for in your observation of our program.
Student-Teaching Intern: The process for student-teachers interested in a teaching practicum at INTERLINK is as follows. We usually require that the student-teacher begin at the start of one of our terms. The interning student-teacher is usually required to observe 2-3 weeks of classes two to three times a week and then they often teach one or two lessons per week until their interning hours are satisfied. The arrangements for how much time is spent observing vs. teaching is made directly with the supervising teachers.

Volunteer Tutor: Meets with one or more INTERLINK students at least once a week for an hour to work on skills such as reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

Class Observer: Can visit a variety of levels and skill-based courses at INTERLINK.

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