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Greetings! Thank you for your interest in serving as the student representative!
We currently have open positions for:

- Campus Life Advisory Committee: Advises the Dean of Student Life regarding co-curricular life policies, providing perspectives from across the community. Oversees periodic revisions of the Earlham College Community’s Principles and Practices. Serves as a conduit for community ideas for ideas regarding co-curricular life policies. Reports to the Faculty Meeting, Employee Council, and Earlham Student Government as a matter of information, to keep all community members updated. The meeting time for the committee has been set to be on Thursdays from 4 - 5:30 pm. Please make sure that you do not have any conflicts on your schedule before applying.

- Alumni Council: Alumni Council serves as the advisory body to the College on behalf of the Earlham Alumni Association. Alumni of Earlham College are invited to become members of Alumni Council by the Council's Nominating committee or through self-nominations.

- Ombuds Council: This committee’s role is to hear and mediate harassment complaints face to face with the concerned parties either together or separately, as appropriate, and to make a recommendation to the administrator of the area(s) concerned. The Ombuds Council will archive notes on informal as well as formal mediation and meet regularly with Human Resources to allow the College to track possible patterns of harassment and to pursue disciplinary action as appropriate.

If you have any questions about this position, or the application, please email ESG's VP of Nominations, Lan Phan, at

Thank you for your interest!

- SEC 2018

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Thank you for completing the application for student representative. On behalf of the Student Executive Council of 2018, we thank you for your interest in student government.
Being a student representative entails the commitment and responsibility of representing students' voices in the committee for which you are applying, as well as bringing committee developments back to the Senate. Fulfilling these obligations is crucial in order for ESG, and you, to bring more transparency, awareness, better communication and ownership to Earlham's student body.

By signing below, upon your approval and appointment as a Search Committee Representative, you are signing that you understand and agree to uphold your duties as representative of your committee, and adhere to Earlham College's Principles and Practices.

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