A study about gaming
my name is Philipp. I'm a student, YouTuber and gamer. I was always intrigued with data and statistics, so I wanted to do something myself.

That is why I'm currently trying to get data about gamers, their habits, hardware and possibly opinions. Feel free to share this survey on your platforms.

Please answer the questions truthfully. Please take your time with all the questions and think carefully about what to write in the written questions.

What is your main gaming platform *
On how many days a week do you usually play games *
How long do you usally play for. *
How many games do you have *
Which of these Genres do you play the most? *
Please choose up to three
Do you eat while gaming? *
How often do you get competitive in non competive games? *
What do you play most? *
How would you describe your play style?
This means for example if you play mostly in the evening while playing pajamas and things of that nature, so simply a question of how you like to play. If you don't know or can't describe it, please don't fill this field in or put // in it.
Your answer
Are you a softer, more timid player or more of an aggressive and "in your face" player? *
Please try to
These following questions are optional.
Following are two pretty controversial questions that aren't really connected to the rest, but still show some tendecies in the gaming community, that is why you don't need to answer them, gut if you decide to answer them, please be thruthful.
What are your opinions on the statements "Gaming is one of the most inclusive hobbies"
Please be as detailed as possible.
Your answer
Gamer Gate was one of the biggest controversies to date. What is your opinion on it?
Please be as detailed as possible.
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