2018 Store Championship Application
If you would like to host a Pro Dice Circuit Store Championship, please fill out the following application.

The cost of a Store Championship will be a minimum of $35 (optional add-on items available). This amount will be due shortly after the application process is complete and BEFORE your kit is shipped. By filling out this application you are not committing to purchasing a kit, you are simply expressing your interest in hosting an event.

Suggested Tournament Entry Fee is anywhere from $5-15 per person. ($5-10 for constructed, $15 for draft)

If your store is selected to host a Store Championship, you will receive an email with estimated arrival date for your kit. Please, do NOT schedule your event too close to this estimated date. Manufacturing errors and shipping delays have occurred in the past.

2018 Store Championship Kits include:
- (1) 2018 Store Champion Playmat
- (1) 2018 Regional Championship Free Entry Card
- (10) Double-Sided BAC Color Indicator Cards (2 each for the Top 4, 1 for TO and 1 for Fellowship)
- (10) Participation 6-sided Dice (Extras available at an additional $1 per die)

Please talk to your store before submitting on their behalf.

Store Championships can be either the Pro Dice Circuit's Prime format or the standard Rainbow Draft format. You can also purchase up to TWO full kits this year, in the case that you would like to have a Store Championship for each format.

Information on the PDC Prime format can be found on our website.

Please see the PDC website at www.ProDiceCircuit.com for all other official tournament rules and procedures.

If you need any help, please feel free to reach out to us via email (info@prodicecircuit.com) or by messaging our Facebook Page.
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Additional Dice Order (per kit, if ordering 2 kits)
Base Store Championship Kits will include 10 dice. However, if you think you may have more players participating than that, or if you'd like to provide your players more than 1 die for entering the event, you can order additional. Please enter the amount of extras you would like. Extras are $1 a piece. If you're ordering 2 kits, we'll include this many extra dice in each kit.
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