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For proofreading/editing service, you may choose Advanced proofreaders (from RM6 per page) or Premium proofreaders (from RM12 per page), depending on your budget.

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Our terms of services:

Proofreading/Editing: From RM6 per page (proofreading) and from RM10 per page (editing). A service to improve a document in terms of language and/or presentation of language. For proofreading service, it's about checking (i) grammar, (ii) sentence structure, (iii) punctuation, and (iv) spelling. For editing service, it's including the four aspects in proofreading service and extended to checking (i) content flow, (ii) coherence, (iii) overall language presentation. All documents are assumed to have solid contents and do not need content checking.

Translation: From RM0.15 per word. A service to transfer the meaning/content of a document from a language to another. For example, translating thesis abstract and questionnaire from English to Malay or Arabic. Available languages: English, Malay, Arabic, Indonesian, Thai, Japanese, Mandarin, Spanish, and Deutch. Please indicate the TARGET language at the Additional Remark section when filling in this form.

Paraphrasing: From RM0.03 per word. A service to reduce the similarity index of a document to a desired percentage. Only documents with similarity index of and lower than 40% are accepted in our service. Clients are required to prepare the turnitin report to get this service. Please indicate the desired and targeted percentage after paraphrasing at the Additional Remark section when filling in the form.

Reference Checking: From RM1 per reference. A service to prepare a list of references that follows a desired reference format/style, e.g. APA, Vancouver, IIIE, etc. Please indicate the desired reference format/style to follow at the Additional Remark section when filling in the form.

Formatting: From RM2 per page. A service to prepare a document to follow a certain format. For example, to prepare a thesis following a university's thesis format. Another example: to prepare a completely written journal article following a journal's format. Please indicate the name of university/journal at the Additional Remark section when filling in the form.

Transcription: From RM5 per minute audio. A service to convert an audio (or conversation in a video) to a written text.

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