Coal Creek Canyon Improvement Association: Scholarship Application 2021
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Applications are due no later than April 26, 2021.
Interviews will be held May 17, 2021.
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Scholarship Rules and Regulations
The Coal Creek Canyon Improvement Association Scholarships are an honor bestowed upon deserving youth of our community who best exemplify the ideals and principles of society including honesty, initiative, good citizenship, integrity and diligence. It is hoped that he monetary benefit will help the student to achieve his/her goals. Financial need is not the primary consideration for these awards - they are meritorious awards - but it may be taken into account with the other criteria described below.

1. The Scholarships are open to any person age 21 or under who plans to continue education beyond high school at a college, vocational, trade or arts school, and who is, and has been for a full year prior to application, a resident of Coal Creek Canyon. This area includes but is not limited to the area along the Highway 72 corridor through Coal Creek Canyon to the intersection of Highway 72 and Highway 119. This area encompasses individuals who attend High School in the Boulder Valley School District or Jefferson County including but not limited to Nederland High School, Boulder High School, Fairview High School, Ralston Valley High School, or Golden High School.

2. Each Scholarship is conditioned upon the recipient's beginning further education by the beginning of the next enrollment.

3. No recipient may receive more than one CCCIA Scholarship.

4. Candidates must apply by submitting to the CCCIA a completed CCCIA Application Form together with their high school (and post-high school) transcript(s) by a date determined by the scholarship committee.

5. Finalists will be invited to interview with the Scholarship Committee.

6. Applicants will be judged for academic scholarship, extracurricular activities with particular emphasis on volunteer activities within Coal Creek Canyon and achievements, citizenship and character, and their personal goals letter and oral interview.

7. Scholarships generally range from $500-$1500, but the scholarship committee may award additional scholarships or adjust the award amount if deemed necessary.

8. The Scholarships shall be disbursed to the school that the recipient plans to attend, upon enrollment.

9. The Scholarship Committee, composed of 3 to 7 individuals (not more than one per family), shall advise the board of their selection of Scholarship winners. Committee members must pledge to be impartial judges and shall not include: anyone who is an Applicant's relative or close personal friend; anyone whose children currently attend high school; Committee members may include individuals who are not members of CCCIA if their inclusion would help to render a fair assessment of the Applicants. The Scholarship Committee will not give priority to CCCIA member families, nor to length of residency other than is necessary to qualify an Applicant.

10. Applications and attachments will remain confidential

Personal Information
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High School Graduation Date
How long have you lived in Coal Creek Canyon?
What Junior High School did you attend?
What High School did you attend?
Parent(s) or Legal Guardian(s) Name
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Essay Questions
Please answer the following statements and questions to the best of your ability.
Please describe any volunteer or other activities not related to school in which you have participated (scouts, church, community, hobbies, etc.). Please describe volunteer or other activities performed within Coal Creek Canyon first and then activities performed in other areas. What are your favorite activities and why? Please note leadership positions you have held within these groups
Please describe your high school/post-high school grades and explain what importance you place on grades. Include your transcript(s) with your completed application.
Describe your school and/or job attendance record, and explain what importance you place on attendance and punctuality
Describe your school and school-related activities, including athletics, drama, music, art, language, student, service and other clubs and organizations in which you have been involved. Please note any leadership positions held within these groups.
What is your philosophy regarding charitable organizations? What value is there in volunteering, providing time and talent without receiving pay? How important is volunteering within your own community?
List any scholarships, honors or awards that you have received which are not included in your prior answers.
List your employment history, if any, including dates of employment. Include spot, temporary, part-time and full-time jobs.
How will this scholarship help you attain your educational goals?
Which college(s) are you considering? Have you been accepted?
Please describe your goals for the future
By clicking submit, you agree that you have completed this application honestly and to the best of your ability, and that you have read the rules and regulations described above
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