Young Peacebuilders Blog Submission
Have peacebuilding news, stories or opinions to share? Young Peacebuilders is looking for young people and those supporting child and youth peacebuilding to become guest bloggers on our site

Fill out your information below and send us 75 words proposing your blog topic related to young people's participation in peacebuilding efforts and we'll consider it!

What We Are Looking For:

We are looking for young people and those supporting child and youth peacebuilding to share their research and stories on our blog. All submissions must be focused on young people’s participation in peacebuilding.

There are two submission categories we consider for publication:
1. Research supported posts on child or youth peacebuilding. This may include excerpts or summaries of academic publications. These posts should be supported with citations.
2. Personal stories and experiences of your, or your organization’s, involvement in young people’s peacebuilding efforts. These are some questions to consider answering:
a. How have you been involved in child/youth peacebuilding efforts and what have you learned through your work?
b. What happened? Including the who, what, where, why and how.
c. What did you feel worked well? Why?
d. What did you feel did not worked well? Why?
e. What advice would you give to other young people participating in peacebuilding efforts?


Be 13 years or older
Significant child or youth peacebuilding experience
Access to the Internet and good communications
Spoken and written fluency in English or a commitment from someone else to ensure your submission is well written in clear English
Exceptional written communication skills

The Process:

We will review all new submissions submitted here at the end of each month. Then we will contact only the submitters with whom we are interested in moving forward. You will be asked to submit a draft blog post that will be reviewed by the YP Communications Manager(s) and Dr. McGill, Director of YP, before publication on our site. We may suggest edits, clarification, and/or citations. You will also be asked to provide a brief bio. Once your blog has been posted we will email you the link to share!

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