Kommuniti Champions Award
The words “Community” and “Champion” are powerful in their own right, bringing to mind common bonds, shared beliefs, courage, strength and self-sacrifice.

Bring the words together—“community champion”—and the expression takes on greater meaning.

Kommuniti champions are those individuals who offer their courage, strength and self-sacrifice in the service of a neighbourhood, benefiting people who may never know them by name, but who will reap the rewards of their work.

They are neighbours, carers, volunteers, and above all, doers.

Kommuniti is built upon the spirit and vitality of audacious stakeholders: these heroes and many others.

Kommuniti champions are buoyed by belief in their neighbourhoods and driven to tackle social and economic challenges that naysayers insist can never be overcome.

They are winning because of their willingness to struggle, and they are counting tangible victories—whether in improved values, cleaner streets, safer parks, healthier habits or the growth of individual leadership skills and personal power. They are making things better.

These quite extraordinary individuals share some common traits—passion, perseverance and a sense of
purpose. They represent true Unity in the Community.

They are a Kommuniti Champion and below is how you can nominate them for some recognition and an award of a Dinner for Two at JBento Japanese Restaurant.

Kindest regards

Allan 'Big Al' Connolly
Founder and Managing Director

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Judges and Sponsors - JBENTO Japanese restaurant
JBENTO Japanese restaurant is proud to be a sponsor of the Kommuniti Champions Awards.

We look forward to selecting multiple winners each month, who will receive a Dinner for Two at our little bento joint that serves only the freshest bentos.

In true Japanese style, we spend much time and consideration planning each dish. The highest quality ingredients are carefully selected and experimented with until we're sure we have made the perfect dish for you.

Cooked only upon ordering, we take freshness, preparation and presentation very seriously.

We have a range of bentos for many tastes, appetites and occasions.

Kommuniti Champion Awards Winner, nominator or just curious, you will be equally welcomed to dine at our venue.

We look forward to welcoming you soon.

Kindest regards

Mark and Julianna
JBento owners
(08) 9316 2772
21-23 Queens Rd
Mount Pleasant WA 6153

Live Local to us?
Order via our website www.jbento.com.au or text 0414 168 837 for takeaway.

Suitability and final selection of Kommuniti Champions will be at the discretion of JBento and Kommuniti HQ
JBENTO Kitchen and Front Counter
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