USD 400 Certified Teacher Application
Before you begin....
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Beyond the basic information about yourself, we suggest you get the following information gathered up before you begin filling out this application:

▪ Kansas Educator License ID (if you have one)
▪ The type of Kansas Teaching Certificate you'll hold next Sept. 17
▪ All of your teaching endorsements (including expiration dates)
▪ Any other certifications not covered in your teaching endorsements
▪ High School you graduated from (including address)
▪ History of Colleges attended including dates, year graduated, degree, and hours earned
▪ List of all Majors and Minors
▪ College Placement Bureau information (only if you don't have three letters of recommendation)
▪ Teaching Experience (including School Name, City, Subject, Dates, and School Years worked)
▪ Any other work experience (Employer, City, Type of Work, and Dates Employed)
▪ Three References (Name, Vocation, Address, Daytime Phone, Evening Phone if possible)
▪ Professional Organization Membership
▪ Other Activities, Honors, and Experiences
▪ Coaching or Sponsorship experience

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