UFA Investment Team Director Application
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Investment Competition:
UFA is looking to host a semester long Investment Competition between its members. Students will be organized into teams of analysts led by an Investment Team Director. This virtual competition gives students the opportunity to demonstrate their skills, leadership, and willingness to succeed. In addition, there will be an end of the year stock pitch competition with cash prizes available!

Investment Team Director:
We are looking for smart, talented, and organized leaders, to manage a group of Analysts. Each director will be tasked in organizing weekly educational meetings between the analysts. UFA is looking for students who are experienced in current events, financial topics, and equity trading. We hope to have 5-7 Team Directors, and the application process is based on experience and knowledge. All Directors are heavily considered for future promotion to board positions.

DEADLINE - September 21st

In addition to this application, please submit your resume to financeassociationtx@gmail.com

Any questions should be directed to Yusheng Luo at Yusheng.Luo@utexas.edu

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