.concat() Diversity Tickets

Welcome to the Diversity programme of .concat() https://conc.at/ whose very first edition is set to take place in Salzburg, Austria, on 7 March 2015.

The following form is meant for members of under-represented groups in tech who would otherwise not be able to afford going to the conference to apply for:
- sponsored tickets
- financial assistance with travel
- free accommodation

If you belong to a group of people (likely) under-represented at .concat() and would like to attend the conference but cannot afford to pay for a ticket yourself, we invite you to let us know by filling out the form below. Thanks to our generous sponsors of Diversity Tickets, we can invite a number of you to attend the conference for free -- and we are hoping to find even more people willing to support others this way within the next few weeks. (If you know someone who might be interested in becoming a Diversity sponsor, please be so kind and refer them to here: http://conc-at.tumblr.com/post/107499311229/diversity-tickets)

Tickets will be awarded by Techtrrrs http://www.techtrrrs.at/ in co-operation with the organisers of .concat(). We are accepting applications for Diversity Tickets starting now and will give a number of them away on a rolling basis. Some tickets will stay reserved for a while longer so as not to favour only those who heard about the programme first, but to give everyone a fair chance at being considered for a sponsored ticket. Please note that our funds for assistance with travel are limited and we can only provide sponsored accommodation for a very small number of people.

While the conference's official language is English, we understand not everyone will feel equally comfortable or confident communicating with us in English, especially considering the local language is German. We thus invite you to provide your answers to our questions in either English or German, and to let us know which language you would prefer for all future communications regarding the Diversity programme (see last question of this form). Note also that once you have submitted the form, you will be given a link with which you can go back and edit your answers, to e.g. fix mistakes or add information (the link will be displayed on-screen - you will have to copy and save it for later use).

Your personally identifiable information (name, e-mail address, phone number) will remain hidden during the awarding process and only be accessed once we are ready to get in touch with you.

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