2020 Sector Boston RBS TEAM Qualification & Training Workshop - Vessel Examinations and Recreational Boating Safety Visitation Programs.
Date: Sat 21 March 2020

Time: 0845-1300

Location: US Coast Guard Integrated Service Command, Building One 2nd Deck Training
Room: 427 Commercial Street (North End), Boston

Vessel Examination & Partner Visitation Programs qualification and refresher training.
The workshop is a blending of USCG Auxiliary's boating safety programs to mitigate the poor and unsafe performance of untrained boaters. The three departments that focus on recreational boating safety are Education, Prevention and Public Affairs.

The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary’s Recreational Boating Safety (RBS) Outreach Directorate is dedicated to promoting safe boating on U.S. waterways by improving the knowledge, skills,
and abilities of recreational boaters. More at USCG Boating Safety Division.

Uniform of the Day: ODU

USCGAUX V-Directorate Job Aid Kits for Vessel Examiners and Program Visitors
Vessel Safety Check Manual M16796.8

RBS-VP Manual & Samples Docs M16796.3C

Questions? Contact: Ray Julian, DSO-PV Email: ray_julian@bc.edu Phone: 617.930.3699

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Program Agenda
Workshop Introduction DCAPT Glenn Gayton
RBS Device Award Eligibility DSO-PV Ray Julian

Vessel Examination Workshop DSO-VE Bob Amiro, ADSO-VE John Stouse
Paddle-Craft VSC

Program Visitation Workshop DSO-PV Ray Julian, ADSO-PV Mark Sedgwick
Small Craft Facilities

PA Best Practices DSO-PA Steve McCann

CONCLUDE workshop

Auxiliarists who get involved in Recreational Boating Safety programs are knowledgeable, proficient and experienced enough to perform vessel safety checks, educate marine dealers and the public in small boat operations. More information on Vessel Examination & Partner Visitation Web Site
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