Call for Interest in the CPW-UAW Local 4100 Bylaws Committee
We are now accepting applications for the CPW-UAW Local 4100 Bylaws Committee. Please fill out this form to inform us of your interest in the committee.

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As a bargaining committee we recommend a five (5) person bylaws committee.

All Local Unions must have bylaws that lay out the democratic governance structure of our union. Bylaws address things like how often membership meetings happen and how they are run, the number of stewards, how officers and stewards are elected and can be recalled, how future bargaining committees are structured and elected, and how members can amend bylaws in the future. An example of bylaws from a similarly-sized academic UAW Local like ours can be found here:

The bylaws committee is a significant time commitment, probably in August and early September. Committee members will draft the bylaws (for example, by reading other Locals’ bylaws as examples and customizing them for our unit), present them to the membership, incorporate feedback, put them to a vote by the members, then submit the approved bylaws to the UAW.
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