Ypsilanti Farmers Markets Vendor Application 2018 Outdoor Season
Growing Hope is an Ypsilanti-based nonprofit dedicated to helping people improve their lives and communities through gardening and increasing access to healthy food. We manage both Ypsilanti Farmers Market locations.

The purpose of the Ypsilanti Farmers Markets is to provide vibrant community spaces for local farmers and small businesses to sell directly to their customers, with an emphasis on increasing access to healthy foods for underserved communities.

A PDF version of this application is also available on our website, growinghope.net or by contacting Farmers Market and Nutrition Manager Dayna Sprentall at market@growinghope.net

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Ypsilanti Farmer Markets Locations and Times
The Ypsilanti Farmers Market - Downtown location is 16 South Washington – at the Ypsilanti Farmers MarketPlace -- between the Beer Cooler and the Ypsilanti Thrift Shop. This market will be open on Tuesday afternoons from 3-7pm, May 1st - October 30th for a total of 27 market days.

The Ypsilanti Farmers Market – Depot Town takes place on the Freighthouse Market Plaza (100 Rice St) behind (north of) the Cross Street businesses in Depot Town. This market will be open on Saturday mornings from 9am-1pm, May 5th – October 27th for a total of 26 market days.

Vendor Name and Contact Information
Farm, Business, or Organization Name:
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Have you been a vendor at the Ypsilanti Farmers Markets before?
If you are a returning vendor, has your contact information changed in the past year?
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Reimbursement Checks
Please tell us who to make reimbursement checks payable to. Include name and address.
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Products to be Sold
The Ypsilanti Farmers Markets are open to vendors of local products. Local means produced in Michigan, preferably within 100 miles of Ypsilanti. All produce sold in whole, uncut form must be grown in Michigan. Other food products need to be produced locally or by you or your family/business. Crafts also need to be handmade locally by you or your family/business, not store bought. See Ypsilanti Farmers Markets Policies for more details.
Vendor Balance and Criteria for Acceptance
Growing Hope reserves the right to limit the number of any type of vendors to ensure balance at the market, including consideration of products’ health impacts. Vendor applicants are accepted to sell at the market at our discretion, and vendors may be accepted only for certain market dates; we will notify you in writing for how long and what dates you are accepted for vending. We consider proximity to Ypsilanti, vendor history at our markets, past policy compliance and complaints registered, previous completion of vendor evaluation, commitment to multiple dates, and overall product balance. Submitting a vendor application does not ensure a spot at the market.
Vendor Type: PRIMARY (Choose only the category that represents the majority of your sales)
Vendor Type (Choose ALL products categories that you are applying to sell)
DETAILED PRODUCT LIST. Please list ALL crops/products you expect to sell this season.
Please be specific. Vendor approval only applies to products listed here. Any and all additions must be approved by the market management. Crop plans or other similar documents will also be accepted and can be emailed to market@growinghope.net Note any sources of products not grown or produced by you/your business.
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Produce & Plant Vendors: Where have your products been grown/produced? Include names/addresses of other Michigan growers and any wholesale sources.
Vendors who resell should be prepared to show receipts to management on a weekly basis. See market policies for signage requirements.
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Produce & Plant Vendors: Approximately what percentage of these products have you grown, raised, or made yourself?
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Are you Certified Organic (or in the 3 year transition process)?
Are you applying to sell items that were produced using Cottage Food Law?
Do you require electricity?
Electricity is limited and may not be possible. Vendors are responsible for bringing their own cords
Do you require accommodations for physical limitation or disability?
Licensing and Insurance
Each vendor must provide a current and valid copy of any and all licenses and permits necessary for their operation. A copy of the appropriate state license must accompany the vendor application for items such as perennial plants, prepared foods, taxable items, and value-added foods that do not fall under cottage food law. Vendors are encouraged to obtain their own insurance against all liabilities.
Please list the types and license numbers of all licenses required for your business.
Email a copy of all licenses to market@growinghope.net Vendors selling products that require licensing will not be accepted without a copy of the valid license on file.
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Do you carry general liability and/or product liability for your farm/business?
If yes, email a copy of your insurance to market@growinghope.net Liability insurance is not required but strongly encouraged for all vendors.
Vendor Bio: Tell us about your business!
Please use this space to write a brief description of your business/products that we can use in our marketing efforts. We also encourage you to email pictures of your farm/production process to market@growinghope.net This information may be used on our website, in our weekly newsletter, social media, vendor directory, or “vendor of the week” profile.
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Timeline and Rates
The deadline for 2018 priority vendor applications is March 13th. Market Management will issue status notifications no later than March 30th. Vendors may still apply after these dates but review and acceptance/waitlist of vendors will be on a rolling basis. Vendors can choose to apply and pay in advance for a discount, or choose to attend individual market dates and pay a daily fee on site. Receipt of an application and fees does not guarantee acceptance to the market. If accepted to vend, vendor fees are nonrefundable. Monthly and advanced daily rate fees will be scheduled for specific market dates and cannot be transferred unless arranged in advance with the Market Manager. In the event of a no call/no show vendors will be required to pay in advance for all future market dates. See Ypsilanti Farmers Market Policies for details on applications, fees, and waitlists.
Please elect preferred payment methods. Season rates are non-negotiable. Season fees are due by May 1st.
Ypsilanti Farmers Market- Downtown
Please select all dates you are applying to attend
Ypsilanti Farmers Market- Depot Town
Please select all dates you are applying to attend
Tables and Tents
Vendors are expected to provide their own tables, chairs, tents, and tent weights. Weights for your tents are REQUIRED for the safety of everyone at the market. Growing Hope has a limited number of tents and tables available for rent on a first come-first-served basis. For more information on equipment rental, email market@growinghope.net
Growing Hope and our Ypsilanti Farmers Markets are not responsible for product liability or the paying of sales tax by individual vendors. YFM are not held responsible in any way for any loss of vendor property by theft, vandalism, weather, or anything outside the control of the market staff or volunteers. Vendors agree to indemnify and hold harmless Growing Hope and the City of Ypsilanti and assignees from and against all liability, claims, demands, losses, damages, levies and causes of action or suits of any nature whatsoever, arising out of or related to activities at the Ypsilanti Farmers Markets.
By signing this document, I agree that: 1. I have read, understood, and agree to the guidelines contained in this application and the YFM Market Policies including the Hold Harmless Statement. 2. I will obtain and provide all applicable permits and licenses from local, state, and federal regulatory agencies. 3. Growing Hope reserves the right to deny any vendor application or ask a vendor to discontinue participation in the market. TYPE ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE BELOW
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I grant to Growing Hope and their legal representatives and assigns, the right and permission to publish, without my charge, photographs or videos taken of my image. I do hereby grant permission to Growing Hope, its agents and others working under its authority, full and free use of video/photographs/audio containing my images/likeness/voice. I understand these images and sounds may be used for promotional publications, news, research and/or educational purposes. I do further certify that I am of legal age and possess full legal capacity to execute the foregoing authorization and release form.
TYPE ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE BELOW Note: if you are uncomfortable with photos, a photo release is not required in order to sell at the market. We will respect your right not to be photographed. Please type "Do not consent"
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The Ypsilanti Farmers Markets accepts credit/debit and EBT/SNAP Bridge cards which are processed through Growing Hope. Acceptance of EBT/SNAP is expected by ALL vendors who have eligible products. Acceptance of credit cards is also expected by all vendors. AGREEMENT: I agree to follow all of the rules as explained in the Ypsilanti Farmers Market Policies and realize that the privilege of using the Credit/EBT services is contingent on following these policies. I understand that if market staff observe or receive evidence of my failure to abide by this agreement, the market may immediately suspend or terminate my approval to accept Credit/EBT tokens, and the offence may result in a fine or affect my ability to participate in the market. I understand that it is my responsibility to inform my family and employees of these rules before they sell at the market on behalf of my farm or business.
TYPE ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE BELOW Absence of a signature indicates choosing not to accept Credit/EBT tokens and the understanding that this may affect participation in Growing Hope's markets.
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If accepted to be a vendor, vendor orientation is mandatory for new and returning vendors. Please indicate which date you will attend orientation if accepted as a vendor. Orientations are 90 minutes long at take place at the Ypsilanti Farmers MarketPlace, 16 S Washington (location of downtown market)
Thank You For Your Application!
After March 30th, 2018 please SEND AN EMAIL to market@growinghope.net to alert the market manager that you have applied. Any additional questions about this application or the Ypsilanti Farmers Markets Policies can be directed to Farmers Market and Nutrition Manager Dayna Sprentall Email: market@growinghope.net Phone: 734-478-0584
Mailing Address: Ypsilanti Farmers Market PO Box 980129 Ypsilanti, MI 48198
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