Introducing the World (ITW) By INNEM 2017
This section is what INNEM considers to be the first step in the internationalization of services, dissemination and promotion for all business and sectors worldwide. "Introducing the World" (ITW) initially aims to be a space where, from a general and categorized perspective, the basic information of all companies, businesses and Start-Ups that decide to register to our website:, will be held.

The information that INNEM will publish on its portal will be divided into three sections, which are the following:

1.- Company logo, business or start-up.
2.- Address and contact information of the company or business.
3.- Type and category of company / business.

On the other hand, if the information that the client sends has a link with an institutional or business video that is hosted on YouTube, it will also be published on your space. The categories included in this section are the same as those used by our WEB (Sections "Green", "Professional", "Recreation", "IT-Media", "Infrastructure" and "Others") and inside each section, the nature of the companies, businesses and Start-Ups that will conform it will be specified.

Each company, business or Start-Up that is registered will be published according to the continent in which it is located. The publication, for this section, will be through a medium business card where the logo, the address and the general information will be visible. Likewise, and because it is a publication on half a business card, all information will be sent to the client for their feedback and approval. In case of future changes, these can be added by notifying the INNEM team.

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