Stories Alive! Menghidupkan Cerita Dwibahasa Untuk Kanak-Kanak
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1) The programme is correct at the date of printing. Any amendments will be made known on our official social media accounts IG: @ungu_pen @ungupenbooks FB: @UNGUPEN @ungu pen learning and via emails, if necessary. 2) By joining us for Stories Alive! you agree that photographs and videos of you and your children/ charges will be taken and may be used as publicity and promotional materials for Ungu Pen and/ or BuySingLit. 3)Though all care will be taken to ensure the safety and happiness of all participants, parents and caregivers are to be available at all times for their child/ children, and will attend to the needs of their child/ children when required (ie. toiletting, crying etc). 4) You may take your child away from the group for time-out if he/ she is not able to be engaged with the programme. 5) You will not hold Ungu Pen and its associates and organisers responsible for any mishaps that may occur. We will however render as much assistance as we possibly could. *
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