The WiLD Experience is typically a two-day training program for using the WiLD Toolkit in your organization, team or group and an impactful personal developmental workshop for all who attend. It combines practical application with research, rigor and personal depth. All participants will leave with an understanding of each of the 10 WiLD Tools, and how to integrate them into their organization, coaching practice, or with their team or group. Each participant will have these opportunities:

1. Intentional Development Experience: Participants are those seeking an in-depth whole leader developmental experience that is relevant to their professional lives and yet deeply personal. All participants also gain an understanding of how the WiLD toolkit can be applied in their organization.

2. Certified Facilitators: Those who attend the full 2-day training and complete all 10 tools in the toolkit will become Certified Facilitators in the WiLD Toolkit, to facilitate team or group conversations regarding the WiLD Toolkit.

3. Certified Coaches: As part of the WiLD Experience, participants desiring to become Coaches gain an in-depth understanding of each tool and its coaching application. After attending, there are pathways for becoming a Certified Coach in the WiLD Toolkit, benefits to that also include receive access to coaching resources (i.e. coaching intake forms, coaching wisdom, coaching primers, etc.).

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Cost for 2-day Intensive WiLD Experience is $600 - student and group pricing available.
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