Rolling Hills Library Survey 2018
Please fill out our 2018 survey and help us improve our collections and services. If you skip any questions, be sure to scroll to the bottom and hit SUBMIT for your answers to be recorded.
Do you currently have a library card with Rolling Hills Library?
If you do NOT use the library, can you let us know why not? Check all that apply, and then scroll to the bottom to SUBMIT.
If you have an account, how often do you use the library by visiting a branch? Choose the closest answer.
How often do you use library online resources like e-books, digital videos, and learning databases, etc.? Choose the closest answer.
Which branch do you use the most?
Which of the following characterizes your regular library visits? (Check all that apply to you)
When you use the library in person, you are usually : (Check all that apply to you)
If you use the library's digital resources, which ones do you use? (Check all that you use)
Overall, how would you rate the quality of your customer service experience at the library?
Very Negative
Very Positive
How helpful is our library staff?
Not at all helpful
Very helpful
How likely is it that you would recommend our library to a friend, colleague, or family member?
Not at all likely
Extremely likely
What is the best thing about Rolling Hills Library?
Your answer
What do you think about our library collections (books and videos) and/or our public programs?
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What do you wish was different about the Rolling Hills Library?
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How can the library be more useful to you or help you in your life?
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What service or opportunity do you wish was available in your community that currently isn't? Could the library help out with that?
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Do you live in the Rolling Hills Library District (listed on your property tax statement or voter registration card)?
Do you generally support funding for public libraries through property taxes?
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