Festive Garment MAL

This is a virtual make along event held on the ZOOM platform.

The event will start 17TH October @7pm (please remember that BST will change at the end of the month from BST to GMT time zone)

***SIGN UP DEADLINE WILL BE THE 25TH SEPTEMBER, meaning responses will no longer be accepted after this date, at my discretion.

***PAYMENT DEADLINE WILL BE THE 02ND OCTOBER, a payment reminder will be sent out unless you pay beforehand, in which case relevant meeting details will be sent.

4 fortnightly sessions to complete a garment, you can attend them all or a select amount.

The aim of the make along will be to encourage you to use your machine and possibly push yourself into learning or sharing different techniques with everyone. It is a very relaxed session and although there is some structure as to the layout of sessions there is absolutely no pressure to keep up with these. I just want you to enjoy yourself craft/learn/chat along the way with fellow MK'ers.

Session 1, 17th October = Introductions and yarn choices. With a show around the group spreadsheet where you can help each other with design ideas etc. ( in between session you will swatch and settle your design should you wish it to be different from the original pattern)

Session 2, 31st October = Starting the garment, depending on your choice i.e. cardigan or jumper this might vary due to construction differences. The jumpers yoke is created first but I will also discuss for the cardigan makers the option of adding patterning and shaping mid body.

Session 3, 14th November = Cardigan makers can refer to previous session for the yoke process as well as be referred to a video to complete their button bands.

Session 4, 28th November = Final check in to show completed garments or help anyone who isn't quite finished with any finishing techniques.

We welcome any experience as sessions are always based with beginners in mind.

If you are interested then please fill out all of the questions so we can ensure the list for emailing and contact is accurate.

Thank you.
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