Causes of the Civil War - Events 14-20 submission
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1. Which of the following authors wrote the book Uncle Tom's Cabin? *
2. Which of the following is true about Uncle Tom's Cabin? *
3. Which of the following was a result of Uncle Tom's Cabin? *
4. Which of the following Senators was responsible for the Kansas-Nebraska Act? *
5. Popular Sovereignty meant that how would the issue of slavery be decided in Kansas? *
6. What was the result of Popular Sovereignty in Kansas? *
7. As a result of the events in Kansas, what happened in the US Senate? *
8. Who was elected President in 1856? *
9. What was the major result of the Dred Scott case? *
10. Which of the following issues was debated in the Lincoln Douglas debates? *
11. Which of the following happened as a result of the Lincoln Douglas Debates? *
12. In event #20 question two about the Lincoln Douglas Debates discussed the candidates appearance. Copy and paste your answer into the box below *
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