Fight Gov. Rauner's plan to raise property taxes
Gov. Bruce Rauner is pushing for a budget plan that will force schools to raise property taxes.

Join me in opposing his plan to shift pension costs to school districts and community colleges.

Tell Gov. Bruce Rauner that the state cannot expect hardworking families in DuPage County to balance the budget for him. Shifting the pension liability to local entities is irresponsible and rash.

Property taxes are high enough in Illinois. We need to work in a bipartisan manner to lower property taxes and ensure schools are funded the right way to give our children the education and opportunities they deserve.

The governor’s cost shift would also force significant local budget reductions, which means teacher layoffs and higher financial instability in our communities.

Please take a second to pass this petition along to your friends and neighbors. DuPage County residents cannot afford to pay a single cent more in property taxes.


State Senator Tom Cullerton

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