PhD Applicant Query Form - QMUL Linguistics
Please complete this form if you are interested in doing a PhD in Linguistics at Queen Mary. The goal of this query form is to ensure that ONLY applicants with the qualifications and research interests that are suitable for our programme will spend their time on completing the formal application.

Based on your answers to this form, we will either be able to tell you quickly that we are not able to offer supervision, or, if your research and qualifications seem appropriate for our programme, what the next steps are to prepare a successful application.

We will try to provide a response to your query within 10 working days during academic term time (mid Sept - mid Dec; late Jan - early April; and May). If you have not had a response within this time, please contact

We only offer a limited number of places each year, so we strongly advise that potential applicants begin this query process in the late summer or early autumn preceding the year they hope to begin their studies (late August-mid October 2020 for autumn 2021 start date).
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What is your preferred title (e.g., Ms, Mr, Mx)?
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What email address would you like us to use to contact you regarding this query?
Academic Background *
Briefly describe your academic background and qualifications, including results from your previous qualifications (e.g., MA with Distinction). Be explicit about what training you have had in the theoretical and/or methodological areas that are relevant to your PhD research goals (by, e.g., listing classes you have taken in earlier degrees, research experience you have had, etc.).
Research Proposal *
Describe the research topic you would like to investigate in your PhD. Be brief, but also explicit and concrete. Situate your research in the appropriate theoretical and/or methodological context, making reference to prior literature and the potential contribution of your research. Try not to use technical jargon.
Supervisor Preference (Linguistics) *
Select 2 or 3 potential supervisors whose research profile makes them the best fit for your own research. Take the time to learn about each potential supervisor ( - read their research and make certain that they are a good fit for your research goals. You can select up to 3 potential supervisors (including supervisors in other departments - see next question), but you should ONLY nominate a supervisor who is a very good fit for your project. We can not offer supervision on topics that are not very close to our own research interests and projects.
Other Potential Supervisors
The following staff hold primary appointments in other departments in the School of Languages, Linguistics and Film (, and are available to co-supervise PhD students in Linguistics (in combination with another supervisor in Linguistics). You are not obliged to select any names from this list, but you may do so if these researchers are good potential fits for your research interests.
Funding *
Please say whether you already have confirmed funding for your PhD studies, or, if not, which funding sources (QMUL sources or external) you would like to pursue. List all funding awards you hope to apply for, and list the deadlines for submitting the applications. For all funding awards offered through Queen Mary, the application deadline is the last business day in January. Our own funding awards are extremely competitive, and we highly advise that students pursue external sources of funding to cover the costs of the PhD. This information will not be used to determine whether to admit an applicant, but we do need to know if you are intending to apply for awards. Besides the LISS-DTP, LAHP and the Principal's Studentship Awards (see our website), applicants my be eligible for funding awards listed on this page:
United Kingdom Residency Status
Please indicate which of the following is true if you wish to be considered for UK Research & Innovation (ESRC or AHRC) funding awards. You do not need to answer this if you already have funding. UK Research & Innovation Requirement: To be eligible for a full award (stipend and fees), you must have: A. Settled status in the UK, meaning there are no restrictions on how long you can stay. B. Been 'ordinarily resident' in the UK for three years prior to the start of the studentship grant. This means you must have been normally residing in the UK (apart from temporary or occasional absences). C. Not been residing in the UK wholly or mainly for the purpose of full-time education. (C. does not apply to UK and EU nationals.) NOTE: These eligibility requirements can potentially be relaxed to allow International students to obtain funding for the 2021-22 academic year. If we encourage you to apply for a PhD in Linguistics, we will discuss this possibility with you.
Clear selection
Other Critical Information
Briefly describe any other information that might be critical for us to know in the early stages of assessing your suitability as a candidate for our PhD programme. There is no obligation to add any information - if we have questions about your submission, we will contact you to ask them, but if you feel there is something not covered above that we must know, you can explain it here. If you have already been in touch with one or more of us about potential supervision, please list the people you contacted and their response. Ideally, you should submit this query form BEFORE contacting any potential supervisors directly, so that we can keep track of who has and has not been responded to.
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