Presentation Skills Confidential Questionnaire
The upcoming ExecuProv class is planned according to each participant's needs. Therefore, those areas covered with regard to presentation skills and overall communication techniques will be determined by your input. Please complete this questionnaire and return it to the address below as soon as possible. Thank you.
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1) In terms of "speaking" and "performing," which of the following do you encounter in the course of your business activities?: *
2) Before a group, do you relate better on an (choose one): *
3) When you are before an audience, what do you consider your strong points to be?: *
4) When you are before an audience, what do you consider your weak points to be?: *
5) Before groups or during one-on-one situations in business, do you consider yourself to be a (choose one): *
6) When you speak before a group, do you: *
7) During "speaking and performing" situations, do you lose your train of thought?: *
8) During a speaking situation, are you easily distracted?: *
9) Are you uncomfortable making eye contact with your audience (one or more persons)?: *
10) Have you ever taken any courses to prepare you for public speaking?: *
If you have taken any courses, please list them:
11) What physical changes take place when you encounter an audience?: *
12) What emotional changes occur when you encounter an audience?: *
13) When you find yourself in a situation where you must improvise, do you: *
14) Of the following areas being covered in the class, which ones are the most important to you?: *
15) Do you encounter a complete personality change when you are before a group?: *
16) Have you ever had any training as an actor or actress?: *
If yes, please describe:
17) If you could be anyone in the world other than yourself, who would you be, and why? *
18) What is your reason for taking this course?: *
19) What do you hope to achieve by taking this course?: *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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