Personal Books Tool
Help us understand your use of the Personal Books tool in Logos Bible Software. Your answers will help us decide whether, how, and when to invest into improving it. Skip any questions that don’t apply.
1. Did you know Logos has a tool for creating personal Logos books?
2. Have you ever used the Personal Books tool?
3. How many books have you made? (Choose the best answer.)
4. How likely are you to recommend the Personal Books tool to a friend or colleague? (Choose the best answer.)
Very unlikely
Very likely
5. Why do you use the Personal Books tool? (Choose all that apply.)
6. What do you like best about the Personal Books tool? (Choose the best answer.)
7. What would you most like to see improved with the Personal Books tool? (Choose the best answer.)
8. How much would you be willing to pay to sync personal books to your mobile devices and selectively share some of them with other users? (Choose the best answer.)
9. If you’d be willing to talk to a Logos employee about your answers, please provide your email address below.
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