2017-18 WHSAA/NFHS Cheer Coaches Rules Exam
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1. A top person’s base of support is at approximately shoulder height is the definition of a: *
2. When discarding props, they must be placed in a location where participants will not step or dance on them. *
3. Participants must not stand behind the free throw lane extended during a basketball game. *
4. A participant who exhibits signs, symptoms or behaviors consistent with a concussion shall be immediately removed from the activity and shall not return to play until cleared by an appropriate health professional. *
5. As two bracers in prep-level stunts reach down to assist a top person to an extended liberty, they may become inverted if necessary. *
6. In inverted partner stunts, contact with the top person's upper body must be sufficient to stabilize/control the top person’s position. *
7. Basket tosses, elevator tosses and similar multi-base tosses are permitted on which of the following: *
8. New catchers of a suspended roll may not be involved with any other stunt when the suspended roll is initiated. *
9. A spotter is required for a single-base suspended roll that ends on the performing surface. *
10. Dismounts to the performing surface from prep level or above that include a toe touch require assistance from two bases. *
11. Airborne twisting tumbling skills, with the exception of round-offs and aerial cartwheels, are permitted only on: *
12. In stunts requiring a spotter, a spotter must: *
13. Partner stunts in which a single base uses only one arm to support the top person are permitted only on: *
14. It would be poor sportsmanship for participants to: *
15. Single twists performed to a cradle or when loading into a stunt from a quick toss are legal: *
16. A non-braced tick tock that begins at prep level is allowed. *
17. The top person in a braced flip may start from any position (load, stunt, ground) except: *
18. During a braced flip the top person may perform the following: *
19. The bracer for a braced flip can be in a single-base shoulder stand with a spotter. *
20. In a braced flip a bracer can be behind the top person. *
21. During a foldover stunt, the top person may initiate the inversion without upper body contact. *
22. It is illegal for a participant to execute: *
23. When catching the top person in a cradle, bases must: *
24. A single base at prep level is permitted to do a full around to extension with a spot. *
25. Which skills are allowed using a quick toss loading technique: *
26. Which of the following can be executed with one bracer: *
27. During a transition from an inverted position on the performing surface to a non-inverted stunt, a top person may hold a sign. *
28. A top person must not be in a face-down position between bases in which the top person's torso is suspended below the arms and legs. *
29. A spotter for a double-base prep may take a sign from the top person. *
30. Chorus line flips in which two performers are supported by the connected arms of three bases are legal. *
31. A top person in an inverted stunt may be released to a vertical position at prep level. *
32. During a braced flip, which position is a bracer NOT allowed to be in? *
33. Which of the following connections are legal: *
34. During braced flips in a pyramid, which of the following is true: *
35. One or more bases supporting one or more top persons off the performing surface is a: *
36. Which is not considered a tumbling skill: *
37. A stunt in which a top person is in a face-up or face-down horizontal position, with hips and shoulders in alignment, is called a: *
38. In a braced release transition, from an inverted stunt, the top cannot be released and caught in a(n): *
39. Which of the following stunts do not require a spot: *
40. Which of the following conditions are required for a single base suspended roll to be legal: *
41. From an inverted skill at shoulder level, the top can be released legally in the following ways: *
42. Which of the following are allowed while cheering on a box: *
43. A stunt in which the top person's hands/arms and feet/legs are held while swinging forward and facedown into a roll where the head passes under the hips is the definition of a: *
44. Which of the following pyramids are legal with a bracer in a double-base prep without a spotter: *
45. Which of the following is a legal connection in pyramids where one extended stunt braces another extended stunt: *
46. Which of the following conditions are required for a legal braced release transition? *
47. The bracer for a braced flip must have a spot. *
48. Which of the following are legal for an extended braced stunt *
49. Double-base suspended roll can have both bases connected to one hand/arm of the top performing the roll. *
50. For an inversion that passes through extended position, the top must be in contact with two bases. *
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