Havant Music Festival - 4th Season June 2021 - Event Booking Form
The objectives of the Havant Music Festival are:

- To showcase and promote the talents of the community and local music scene.

- To bring accessible music to residents living in the South-East corner of the Borough of Havant.

- To encourage children and young people to experience performing arts and being part of a festival.

- To raise awareness of Dementia and the many benefits of using music to improve mental health and well-being, aiding communication and self-expression within a care setting, and for reminiscing.

The intention is to be non-profit making, so ticket prices, especially for young people, are kept low. The Festival will need to build funds to seed corn future festivals and create opportunities for accessible music, and also may choose to support charities and local music groups in the Borough.  

This form is for Artists, Musicians or Groups who wish to take part in the 4th Havant Music Festival, which runs from 25th to 27th June 2021. Once completed, click on "submit" - the information will be stored by the organisers of the Festival.

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Biography -  please try to keep this to around 50 words and/or include a URL or Dropbox link to your Media Kit.
Venue name (we will have fixed this for you but please confirm it) *
Description of the event. This is for the Festival programme, press releases and digital promotion. It may be helpful to answer the question, "why should people attend my event?" What kind of music is going to be played? Please try to keep this to around 50 words.
Your website URL . This will help us to support you with the promotion of your event.
Your social media URLs (if applicable) - Facebook / Twitter / Instagram etc.
URL's to examples of your work - YouTube, Sound Cloud, iTunes and Spotify
Tickets: HMF will make all the necessary arrangements to make tickets accessible online via the website using a chosen ticket provider or at venues where applicable.  Please indicate that you accept this. *
HMF will provide the programme and promotional materials for each event.  If you would like to include content specific to your performance then this will need to be sent to us at least two weeks before the event.  Please confirm that you will do this as instructed.
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If a rehearsal is needed on the day of the event, at what time would you like to do this and for how long?
What time will you need to set the venue up at? *
Do you require any equipment for your set up or performance?
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If yes, please give details
Do you have public liability insurance or Equipment Cover? If yes, please send us a copy to bookings@havantmusicfestival.org.uk
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Do you have a PRS Music Licence?  If yes, please send us a copy to bookings@havantmusicfestival.org.uk
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Will you need refreshments to be provided in the interval? *
If the venue does not provide refreshments, are you prepared to organise this?
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Do you need to cover any expenses? *
If you need to cover any expenses, please let us know how much these will be and what this is for.
If you need to cover any expenses, to whom should we make out our cheque?
HMF will publicise your event in the programme and on promotional materials including flyers, posters, media editorials, and on its website and social media pages.  Please confirm that you will also promote the Havant Music Festival on your own website and on social media.
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