2020 Day of Action Co-Sponsor Form
Because your group cares about and supports the LGBT community, we need your help. Connecting constituents with their legislators to stop bills that hurt our community and support the ones that make equality a priority in policy making is crucial this year. Below are some easy ways for your organization to get involved in the 2020 General Assembly session with us. Thank you!
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Would your group like to be a Co-Sponsor for the 2020 EV Day of Action? *
No financial obligation is required to be a cosponsor. As a community cosponsor, we simply ask that you help to spread the word about this important day, via your website, social media pages, newsletter, community calendar, etc. With your help, we can make sure that the Day of Action is widely attended by LGBT Virginians, allies, and advocates from across the state.
Can your group commit to emailing the 2020 Equality Agenda action alert to your members? *
It only takes a minute to complete. This allow everyone to easily contact their legislators about bills important to the LGBT community. If you would like a unique code specific to your group, please contact vlamneck@equalityvirginia.org If your organization is a 501(c)3, you are able to legally engage in direct lobbying - take a look at our fact sheet to learn more: https://bit.ly/2E4v1zw
Can you or your group mobilize for urgent action needs (e.g. postcard party, phone calls, in-person testimony, etc.)? *
Please feel free to include any information below that would be helpful to EV as we prepare for the 2020 General Assembly session:
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