Request a new Nice Ride Bikeshare Parking Zone
Please use this form to request a new parking zone. The information you provide will help us to efficiently evaluate and develop the site plan documents required by the City of Minneapolis and other partners.

Please note the following:
- All the information you provide through this form, including images you upload, becomes public data
- Implementation of the parking zones you request are subject to Nice Ride operational constraints, and to the final approval of the agencies that own the public right of way where they are to be placed
- Only locations within the City of Minneapolis, Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board properties, and the University of Minnesota campus can be considered at this time

Factors to consider when siting new parking zones
Some factors to consider for the bikeshare parking zone you are proposing:
- Minimal space needed is 10 ft long by 6 ft wide
- The parking zone should not impede pedestrian circulation, transit access, or building entrances or exits
- A minimum clear distance of four feet should be available for pedestrian circulation around the parking zone
- The parking zone should be available and accessible 24 hours a day
- The parking zone location should be highly visible
Your contact information
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About the parking zone you are requesting
Right to the land *
General location
We'll need to get an approximate address for the parking zone so we can evaluate it and develop a site plan. We'll ask you for the names of the two closest intersecting streets (you can go to the nearest corner and send us the name of the two streets that cross there) as well as an approximate street address (please note if you are on the even-numbered or odd-numbered side of the street when approximating the address)
Closest intersecting streets - Street 1 *
Closest intersecting streets - Street 2 *
Approximate street address *
ZIP code *
Specific location and available space
Please go the location you are proposing and upload an image of the space available.

It will be specially helpful if you can upload a picture that shows someone holding a bike at the proposed location (this will help us to more quickly move to develop the five hundred site plans that is our goal).

Please see the sample image below:

Please upload an image of the location you're proposing for a new parking zone *
Equity considerations
Increasing equitable access to biking and active transportation for all Twin Cities communities is an important goal and value for Nice Ride.

The new dockless system, with its five hundred additional parking zones, offers exciting possibilities for increasing equitable distribution and access to bikeshare bikes throughout Minneapolis.

Do you feel this new parking zone helps to increase equitable access to and distribution of bikeshare in Minneapolis? *
If you answered "Yes" to the previous question, please explain
Thank you!
That's it! Thank you very much for submitting your parking zone recommendation!

We will contact you as needed in case we need additional information or clarification.

You can find the latest updates regarding proposed and implemented parking zones by visiting our website at

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